Dick Wolf The Artist, painter and print maker.

Go Back Blond violinistGreen violinistGothic PlayerPlayer with planesEarhartEarly Earhart studyShrugsTerrorist IIFace Behind Opening3 Muses RunningThe Force2 flutistsMuses RunningManonClowns DancingChina SleepsMesmerized by MusicOld FolksAnnaLucreziaBlonde and friendNiece and nephe2006D.W.GriffithStanislavskyTriumph of FrancoDiaghilevThe RooseveltsSkaters in the 2o\'sWar musicGrandma and GrandpaMussorskyMom & DadNicky on HorsebackAcrobatsChineseAida (dolls)Masks & Greek DollBow, Arrow PanJugglersDetectiveLuiseFrog &  LadyFamily with GrandpaIcarus in TroublePan & Lady
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