Dick Wolf The Artist, painter and print maker.
Go Back General ShermanSkaters in the 2o\'sWar musicChina SleepsThe RooseveltsGeneral GrantAl Capone-twicePaisley and CoughlinSoldier in gas-maskSoldier in camouflageNazi OfficerSoldier in helmetMarineNapoleon in defeatHeinrich HimmlerCapone aloneArafatSpanish soldierRussian soldierFrench soldierWestmoreland in defeatAdolph HitlerGreek SoldierStalinChurchillHermann Goeringnazi officer with leavesChineseMyth of he Strong LeaderCry HavocUncle Joe and the DovePanamaHermann\'s MamaThe FoundersJohn L. LewisBerlinGeorge C. MarshallYaltaBork NominationThe Railroad CarWatergate IVWatergate IIIT. R.F. D. R.Watergate IIWatergate IThe KennedysArrest at HanfstaengelsChurchillDegaulleBallturret GunnerRoosevelt With EagleDream of AntonescuBoys From NurnbergMussoliniAnd YetCathedralJohnson(President)YenanTruman
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