Dick Wolf The Artist, painter and print maker.
Blond violinistGothic PlayerPlayer with planesEarhartEarly Earhart studyKyung Wha Chungviolinist with swirlViolin in BlueBirdsViolinist (Head On) (In Your Face)KyungFor KarlRedDropping NotesHead of violinPucciniBeethoven at the pianoHeifetzStern(Isaac)Cellist (Piatigorsky)GuitaristMenuhin  -Violinistpizzicatowind instrumentharmonica playerviolin perfectionistsmug performerskilledIntensityKyung Wha ChungFrench HornMusical AngelLarge playerRow of CellistsOn top of itWarrior-playerClown player #1Clown player #2dragon headIntensityBeautiful playerAnother beautiful playerStudy for EarhartGirl with beret-playingStudy for drwg for Karl\Still another beautiful lady\Goggles on foreheadKyung (study)\Little Player
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